Coffee Maker Buying Guide


You’d think that buying a coffee maker is simple and easy. But lo and behold, you discover hundreds of coffee making machines of different types, models, brands, and configurations. Plus, you also have to consider your own personal preference, ease of cleaning, or the number of cups you want to make, among other factors. Finally, you acknowledge to yourself that buying a coffee maker is not “a cup of coffee” at all, so to speak.

Those are the reasons why coffee maker articles (such as this one) as well as coffee maker reviews from experts and consumers exist. They’re here to guide you on how to buy the best coffee maker for your own needs. In that way, you’ll be at an advantage the next time you’re actually shopping for a coffee maker.

So what do you want in a coffee maker? Manual? Automatic? Electric? If you’re actually looking for one and happen to stumble upon this website, then you’re in a good place! Consider the coffee maker options below…

Automatic-drip-coffee-maker1. For making more than one cup of coffee at a time with little effort, choose the automatic drip coffee maker.

This machine determines how much coffee you can make by the cups of water that you pour into the reservoir. The water is boiled and then forced through a filter which contains the coffee grinds (make sure that you have a proper amount the coffee in the filter before you put it into the machine). Then the hot coffee goes out of the machine and into the carafe or pot. The hot plate is where the carafe rests, keeping the coffee warm.

The automatic drip provides a good way to really determine how many number of cups of coffee you want to make. With this machine, you can make as many cups of coffee as you want at once. Depending on the size, an automatic drip makes four to twenty cups of coffee. If you want a bigger automatic drip coffee maker, make sure that your kitchen provides room enough for storage.

Automatic drip coffee makers are easy to use, and allow you to use freshly ground coffee beans (as opposed to using a capsule or a pod). However, they can be really expensive. There are some automatic drip coffee makers that are pricier than the others, but remember that a higher price tag doesn’t necessarily mean this or that machine can make a great coffee.

To know more about the automatic drip coffee maker, please refer to the related article entitled How Does a Drip Coffee Maker Work?

Single-serve coffee maker2. For making a quick single serving of coffee, choose the single serve or pod.

This machine uses a pod, which is a coffee disc compressed between two layers of filter paper. All you have to do is insert the pod into the machine’s designated slot, pour the water into the reservoir, and press the “brew” button. The machine will force the heated water through the pod and the hot coffee is dispensed into your own mug.

The single-serve or pod coffee maker is great for personal servings and quick coffee breaks. The fun part is choosing the wide variety of coffee pod flavors (which are readily available for purchase at stores) that will fit to your personal taste.

Percolator coffee-maker3. For those who want a dark and strong coffee, they might consider a percolator

A percolator is a coffee pot. First, you pour the water into the percolator’s bottom chamber and the coffee grounds into its upper chamber. Once the water boils, it travels all the way up to the upper chamber which contains the coffee grounds. The hotter the temperature, the more pressure the percolator creates, which causes the water to go much higher above the upper chamber. Then the rising water comes in contact with the coffee grounds and seeps through them. This process may take a while, but this is to ensure that you’ll enjoy a bold flavor of coffee.

Percolators come in manual and electric. A manual percolator can be used on top of the stove to boil the water, but an electric percolator certainly can’t.

French-press coffee-maker4. For those who want to make a freshly brewed coffee in the most uncomplicated way possible, a French press will do just perfectly.

Pour in a coarse grind of coffee into the container or carafe, and then add in the boiling water. Wait for it to brew in a matter of minutes — if you want a stronger flavor, then you may have to wait a little longer. Afterwards, push its plunger down into the carafe — this will force the coffee grounds to the bottom of the carafe, separating them from the hot and freshly brewed coffee.

The great thing about a French press is that it doesn’t need any electricity or other things like a stovetop to boil the water, and still it leaves you to enjoy a freshly brewed cup. It comes in a variety of cup sizes, from a personal single cup to as many as 10 cups. For more about French press, read our separate article The Advantages and Benefits of the French Press Coffee Maker.

Once you’ve decided what type of coffee maker you actually need, make sure that you buy only the top rated coffee makers on the market that fits your budget. Look at a good coffee maker as an investment as you would if you’re planning to buy a smartphone or a DSLR camera.